About us

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Our facility entry and exit procedures have been designed to maximize protection of your valuables and irreplaceable documents. Access to your safe deposit box can only be by authorized users. We are a private facility where security and safety of your valuables is matched by absolute privacy.. The vault walls, floors and ceiling have been constructed and designed to ensure that all safe deposit boxes are secured to industry standards. After successfully navigating through the security protocols, the Client is granted unfettered access round the clock. Our security systems, procedures, protocols and customer service ethics are designed in such a way as to give our clients the most professional, consistent and excellent user experience.

Our Mission

Whether you choose a small unit for jewelry and documents – or a big unit for any of your needs, all units have locks and you get the only keys. Our on-site staff includes trained security professionals who are screened and vetted and all our employees are bonded. Vinex Vault is one of the safest places available to protect your valuables, but we are also in the business of protecting your privacy. We do not require your bank details, we keep your identity strictly confidential.